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Volume 20, Number 3, 2022

NO. 文章 作者 1 Discuss the Key Factors of the Business Model of Micro-Business Cultural and Creative Enterprises Chang-Ming Ai、Ru-Yu Wang 2 The Analysis of the Key Factors of the Mobile Payment Ratio Jo-Hui Chen、Tsung-Wei Liu 、Yi-Hsin Lo 3 From Business Model Design to Entrepreneurship Performance—The Moderating effect of Social Capital Guang-Feng Deng 4 The […]

Volume 20, Number 2, 2022

NO. 文章 作者 1 Combining Company’s Objectives and Forecast under the Soviet Incentive System in Designing Compensation Plan for Accounts Receivable Collectors Ling-Chi Cheng 2 Cultural Intelligence, Trait Competitiveness and Multicultural Team Outcomes Anyi Chung, I-Heng Chen 3 A Research on Social Capital, Overseas Adaptation and Turnover Intention of Expatriates in Vietnam-A Comparison between Assigned […]

Volume 20, Number 1, 2022

NO. 文章 作者 1 Evaluation Model of U.S. Patent Litigation Strategy Yu-Jing Chiu、Hsiao-Hwa Teng、Ching-Ying Yu、Chung-Wei Li、Hsiao-Chi Chen、Chin-Yun Yi、Chang-Ming Ai 2 AStudy on the Competitive Advantages of Semiconductor Equipment Suppliers Jung-Fa Tsai、 Chun-Hua Huang、Yi-Hsuan Chu、Ting-Ting Tseng 3 The Hospital Service Failure whether Can Cause the Customer Complaint? The Mediating Effects of Psychology Contract Violation Wen-Hsin Lou、Jeng-Dar […]

Volume 19, Number 2, 2021

NO. 文章 作者 1 Assessment of Pop-Up Store Impacts on Commercial District Chi-hsiang、Ting-Yu,Hsiung 2 A Study on the Determinants of Taiwanese Entrepreneurship Success in China Jan-Yan,Lin、Jung-Jen,Huang 3 Impact of Lean Logistics on Green Supply-Chain Management, Environmental Performance and Firm Competitiveness Yi-Chun,Kuo、Hung-Yu,Lu 4 The Effect of Positive and Negative Reinforcement Incentive Design on Motivation Intensity of […]

Volume 19, Number 1, 2021

NO. 文章 作者 1 An Exploratory Study on Franchise Strategy: Intrapreneurial Franchising or External Franchising? Yu-Shih, Lee、Ghi-Feng, Yen、Chen-Yu, Chien 2 Workplace Fun and its Application in Chinese Societies Chun-Hsi Vivian, Chen、Fei Ran, Yang 3 How Paternalistic Leadership and Ethical Climate Promote Citizenship Behavior: The View of Cross-level Analysis Jing-Wen, Huang、Shao-Lan, Chang 4 Exploring the usage […]

Volume 18, Number 2, 2020

NO. 文章 作者 1 The Organizational and Managerial Implications of the Confucianism’s Xiaojing—An Interpretation from System Theory Perspective Ghi-Feng Yen Cheng-Ping Chu Chin-Yun Yi 2 The Study of the Key Factors Affecting Consumer’s Selection of Drone Chih-Ming Lee Xiang-Ting Lin 3 Learning from digital lifestyle surveys in Taiwan Chian-Son Yu Chien-Liang Kuo Yajyun Lin 4 […]

Volume 18, Number 1, 2020

NO. 文章 作者 1 The Role and Emotional Tension of Human Resource Personnel in the Process of Downsizing Pei-Yuan Ting、Ruo-Jie Chiang 2 The Impact of Brexit on Taiwan’s Economy and the Strategies for Firms Jin-Xu Lin、Sheng-Chung Lin、Shih-Mo Lin、Chun-Tsun Chin、Shian-Yu Liao、Kuei-Feng Chang 3 The Study of Equity Crowdfunding for Survival Model Jo-Hui Chen、Chia-Yu Wu 4 An […]

Volume 17, Number 2, 2019

NO. 文章 作者 1 The Relationships among Organizational Integration, Service Quality and Performance Management- A Case of Security Industry and Condominiums Administration Industry Dong-Shang Chang、Li-Ming Chou、Feng-Chi Chu 2 The Study of the Relationship between Mobile Payment System Characteristics, Use Incentives and Consumer Experience Value’s Effects on TAM Behavioral Intention Donna Pi-Ying、Ji, Deng-Yuan、Julian Ming-Sung 3 The […]

Volume 17, Number 1, 2019

NO. Title Author 1 Measuring the Effects of Social Media Advertising I-Ping Chiang、Cheng-Chan Chuang、Chih-Hui Huang 2 A Study on Cross-Cultural Adaption and Coping Strategy of Foreign Students in Taiwan:A Case Study of Malaysia Students in Chung Yuan Christian University Ya-Ping Chiu、To Trung Nam 3 The Impact of New Audit Report on Information Disclosure of Financial […]

Volume 16, Number 2, 2018

NO. 文章 作者 1 Case Study Implementation of an Intervention to Improve Instruction of Lean Six Sigma in a Statistical Quality Control Course Theodore T. Allen、Anthony Afful-Dadzie、Shih-Hsien Tseng 2 Research on the Introduction of the Integration Age-Friendly Pharmacy Public Health Services – Take Taoyuan City Pharmacy as an Example Shih-Chang Chen、Der-Juinn Horng、Yen-Huei Tarn、Mei-Fen Shih、Chang-Chin Wei、Wu-Chio […]