Volume 20, Number 1, 2022

NO. 文章 作者
1 Evaluation Model of U.S. Patent Litigation Strategy Yu-Jing Chiu、Hsiao-Hwa Teng、Ching-Ying Yu、Chung-Wei Li、Hsiao-Chi Chen、Chin-Yun Yi、Chang-Ming Ai
2 AStudy on the Competitive Advantages of Semiconductor Equipment Suppliers Jung-Fa Tsai、 Chun-Hua Huang、Yi-Hsuan Chu、Ting-Ting Tseng
3 The Hospital Service Failure whether Can Cause the Customer Complaint?
The Mediating Effects of Psychology Contract Violation
Wen-Hsin Lou、Jeng-Dar Lee、Zhen-Yu Hu
4 The Impact of LMX on Workplace Deviant Behavior of Expatriates in Vietnam:
Moderating Effects of External Work Value and Job Insecurity
Ya-Ping Chiu、Trung-Nam Tô
4 The Effect of Non-Dichotomized GM Food Labeling on Consumer Purchase Intention:
An Assessment of Mediation and Contingency Effects
Pubali Chatterjee、DENG-YUAN JI、Shadab Khali、Douglas Glenn Bast、Julian Ming-Sung Cheng、Donna Pi-Ying Liu