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Volume 13, Number 2, 2015

NO. 文章 作者 1 Developing an Evaluation Model of Service Quality in Non-life Insurance Industry – By MCDM Methods Hsiao-Chi Chen , Wen-Liang Chen, Yu-Hung Tang 2 Measuring and Analyzing eWOM Marketing Effects – An Example from Experience Goods I-Ping Chiang, Kuen-Hung Tsai, Yaw-Der Huang 3 The Effects of Environmental Concern and Psychological Benefit on […]

Volume 13, Number 1, 2015

NO. 文章 作者 1 Using Personality Traits to Analyze the Acceptance Degree of Product Recommendation Systems Yung-Cheng Chang, Chin-Yi Chen 2 The Relationships among Leader-Member be FB friends, Self-Disclosure and Supervisor Trust in Subordinates en-Chen Wang, Hsin-Hsin Lo, Ching-Wen Lo 3 A Study on the Influence of Intellectual Capital on Organizational Performance:Corporate Social Responsibility as […]

Volume 12, Number 2,2014

NO. 文章 作者 1 The Relationship between Perceived Fairness, Recovery Satisfaction, and Behavior Intention:The Moderating Role of Service Failure Severity Chi-Hsun Lee, Jui-Lien Su, Etta Y. I. Chen 2 Comparative Research on Working Attitudes of Chinese Employee between “Post 80s” Generation and “Pre 80s” Generation: A Perspective of Work Values Hsiao-Chi Chen, Wei-Liang Chen, Wei-Te […]

Volume 12, Number 1,2014

NO. 文章 作者 1 A Study on Intellectual Capital Interaction and Organizational Performance Ya-Hui Ling, Cheng-Chieh Li 2 Exploring Children Advertising Ethics in Taiwan- From the Experts’ Perspective Pei-Yuan Ting, Min-Xuan Yang, Chang-Ming Yan 3 The Effects of Puffery in Advertisements Pen-Che Liao, Ying-Zhu Chen, Yuh-Yuan Guh 4 The Impact of the Implementation of the […]

Volume 11, Number 2,2013

NO. 文章 作者 1 A Review and Prospect of Adaptive Selling Behavior Meng-Jay Wu, Shueh-Chin Ting 2 The Study of Chinese Currency Unification and Economic Factors:The Analysis of Fuzzy Neural Network and ARIMAX-GARCH Model Jo-Hui Chen, Chih-Yi Cheng, Chi-Hsun Kao 3 Service Quality and Operational Efficiency in Commercial Banks – A Perspective on Deposit Raising […]

Volume 11, Number 1, 2013

NO. 文章 作者 1 The Effect of Consumer Attributes and Website Features on Customer Value:An Empirical Study of Online Shopping Ya-Ping Chiu, Meng-Chen Lin 2 Explore the Psychological Process of Service Sellers Facing Emotion Labor:Perspective of Resource Conservation Wan-Jung Hsiao 3 Exploring the Organizational Capabilities of the Transformation from Non-Profit Organization to Social Enterprise Hsin-Peng […]

Volume 10, Number 2,2012

NO. 文章 作者 1 The Effects of Organization Socialization on Migrant Workers’ Intent to Stay: the Mediating Effect of Employee Relations Ping-Qing Liu, Xue Wang, Wei-Zheng Liu 2 The Dynamic Co-Movement between Exchange Rates and Stock Prices: Evidence from Eight Asian Countries Chih-Chuan Yeh, Yung-Lieh Yang, Tsang-Yao Chang 3 Applying SEM Models to Study the […]

Volume 10, Number 1,2012

NO. 文章 作者 1 The Influence of Electronic Word-of-Mouth to Online Collective Purchasing Intention Ru-Yu Wang, Jen-Hung Wang, Chi-Jen Chuang 2 The Effects of Internal Marketing on Newcomers, Intention to Stay—A Mediating Approach of Employee Relations Liu, Ping-Qing., Zhao, Xue-Yun., Li, Jing 3 International Entry Modes and Performance Shan-Ying Chu, Zi-Rong Chen 4 Relationships among […]

Volume 9, Number 3, 2011

NO. 文章 作者 1 Exploring the Termination of Franchise Relationship in Convenience Store Industry Pei-Yuan Ting, Ko-Jun Lai 2 Applying Data Mining on Discovering of Customer Values: an Empirical Case of Air Economic Class Individual Passenger Market of Taiwan Wen-Yu Chiang 3 Analysis of Persuasion Content of New Ventures in Raising Venture Capital-A Case of […]

Volume 9, Number 2, 2011

NO. 文章 作者 1 Applying Multiattitude Model to Study the Relationships between Store Image and Customer Loyalty: An Empirical Study of Parity Chain Coffee Ru-Yu Wang, Jeng-Dar Lee, Ren-Hau Tsai 2 A Study on the Relationships among Career Anchors, Repatriate Management, and Expatriate Willingness Chen-Ming Chu, Chih-Wei Lo, Chen-Ming Liang, Hsin-Hsin Lo 3 Influence of […]