Volume 4, Number 2, 2006

Title Author(s)
1 The Pass-Through of Interest Rates under Asymmetric Adjustment of the Equilibrium Relationship Kuan-Min Wang, Tsang-Yao Chang
2 The Study of Firms’ Characteristics Affected toward the Evolution of Business Operation – the Organization Ecology Perspective Kay H.Y. Kung, Tsung-Sheng Chen, Donald W.S. Tsai
3 Analyzing the Strategic Meanning for Global Strategy Pattern Kuo-Chia Chen, Chia-Shiang Chen, Yu-Cheng Ping
4 The Study of Relationship between Central Rate of Asian Currency Unit and the Currency Crises Warning Model Jo-Hui Chen, Wen-Yi Hisao
5 A Research on Credit Card Online Trade for 3D-Secure Certification Mechanism of Information Security Yi-Chen Wen
6 Human Resource Reputation and Recruiting Effectiveness :High-Tech Industries in Taiwan Chen-Ming Chu, Chi-Wei Chen,Nai-Tai Chu