Volume 9, Number 2, 2011

NO. 文章 作者
1 Applying Multiattitude Model to Study the Relationships between Store Image and Customer Loyalty: An Empirical Study of Parity Chain Coffee Ru-Yu Wang, Jeng-Dar Lee, Ren-Hau Tsai
2 A Study on the Relationships among Career Anchors, Repatriate Management, and Expatriate Willingness Chen-Ming Chu, Chih-Wei Lo, Chen-Ming Liang, Hsin-Hsin Lo
3 Influence of Internationalization, Firm Size and Firm Characteristics on the Performance Effect of Parents and Subsidiaries: A Study of Taiwanese Investment in China Jan-Yan Lin, Ya-Hui Lin
4 The Meaning, Actuality and Strategy about the Implementation of systematical empowerment in Marketing System: An Empirical Research Based on the Survey Data from Chinese Enterprises Tao Jing, Dan Chen
5 The Effects of Waiting Time Information, Personality Characteristics and Service Attributes on the Waiting Time Perception Chih-Hui Hsiao, Chin-Fa Tsai, Szn-Yun Wu
6 A Study on the Effect of Environmental Variability on the Relationship between Dynamic Capabilities and Business Performance Jia Jeng Hou, Hsin Pei Liang, Hung-Jung Chang