Volume 9, Number 1, 2011

NO. 文章 作者
1 A Study for Construct of Extrinsic Cue on Product Evaluation and Effect Measures Model Wei-Shang Fan, Yu-Kai Huang, Ruei-shiuan Chang, Kun-Tuan Chan
2 The Asymmetric Contagion Effect from the U.S. Stock Market to Asian Stock Markets around the Subprime Mortgage Crisis Chien-Chung Nieh, Yu-Sheng Kao, Chao-Hsiang Yang
3 Research on Competition in the English Learning Market: A Niche Analysis Jan-Chen Li, Ya-Ching Lee
4 Social Relations, Resource Commitment and Foreign Market Entry Lu-Jui Chen, Chun-Ju Wang, I-Ju Cheng
5 Application of Quantile Regression to Estimating Value at Risk of Foreign Exchange Portfolio Chiang-Wo Lee, Zhong-Wei Ke
6 A Research of the Value and Size Momentum Effects in Taiwan Chiao-Yi Chang, Tzu-Wei Yu