Volume 12, Number 2,2014

NO. 文章 作者
1 The Relationship between Perceived Fairness, Recovery Satisfaction, and Behavior Intention:The Moderating Role of Service Failure Severity Chi-Hsun Lee, Jui-Lien Su, Etta Y. I. Chen
2 Comparative Research on Working Attitudes of Chinese Employee between “Post 80s” Generation and “Pre 80s” Generation: A Perspective of Work Values Hsiao-Chi Chen, Wei-Liang Chen, Wei-Te Lee, Jen-Jui Shih
3 Fund Size and Fund Performance- From the Viewpoint of Investing Method Ying-Fen Fu , Hai-Ching Liu
4 Book Tax Difference and Earning Quality Li-Hua Kao , Teng-Sheng Sang, Hui-Shan Chang