Volume 8, Number 2, 2010

NO. 文章 作者
1 Investigating the Relationships for CRB Spot Indexes with Stock Prices and Exchange Rates Yen-Sen Ni, Pao-Yu Huang, Ruei-Yu Tsai
2 Intellectual Capital Performance Measurement and Strategy map Building–A Study of Liner Shipping Industry Wen-Cheng Lin
3 A Comparison of Linkage between Taiwanese Stock Market and the International Stock Markets Prior and Post Political Party Change Feng-Chin Chen
4 Macroeconomic Variables, Business Cycle and the Performance of Earnings Momentum Keng-Hsin Lo, Shu-Shian Lin, Yao-Chung Lo, Yu-Fen Chung
5 The impacts of Consumers’ Perception of Waiting Time on Service Satisfaction and Service Loyalty under Personal Time Style and Background Music-A case of big four hospitals in Middle and Southern Taiwan Chih-Hui Hsiao, Chin-Fa Tsai, Hsiu-Yao Wang
6 Does team diversity improve team creativity?The role of team humor Huo-Tsan Chang, Ming-Te Cho