Volume 2, Number 2, 2004

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1 美國存託憑證之外溢效果分析-以亞太國家發行公司實證為例 陳若暉、洪慶鴻
The Analysis of Spillover Effects And Dynamic Responses for ADR: An Empirical Study of Issuing Firms in Asia-Pacific Countries Jo-Hui Chen, Hung-Ching Hung
2 母品牌特性、知覺配適度及消費者特性對延伸產品評價影響之研究 曹文琴
The Impact of Parent Brand’s Features, Perceived Fit And Consumers’ Trait on Brand Extension Evaluation Wen-Chin Tsao
3 影響多國企業子公司決策自主程度因素之研究-代理理論觀點 邱雅萍、高孔廉、黃銘章
The Determinants of The MNCs Subsidiaries’ Autonomy: The Agency Theory Perspective Ya-Ping Chiu, Koong-Lian Kao, Ming-Chang Huang
4 公司策略、組織間策略及組織間關係管理之探討 方世榮
An Empirical Study onThe Relationships Among Firm’s Strategy,Interorganizational Strategy And Interorganizational Relationship Management Shyh-Rong Fang
5 模糊多準則決策於醫療門診服務品質之應用 陳辭修、徐作聖、曾國雄
An Application of Fuzzy Multiple Criteria Decision Making for Medical Outpatient Service Quality Benson Chen, Joseph Z. Shyu, Gwo-Hshiung Tzeng
6 市場導向、知識特性、組織學習型態與企業績效關係之研究 侯嘉政、張孝宗
The Study of The Relationships Among Market Orientation, Knowledge Characteristics, Organizational Learning Type & Firm Performance Jia-Jeng Hou, Hsiao-Tsung Chang
7 理性與感性-購買決策前認知與情感建構對消費者產品價值判斷之影響 吉中行、沈永正
Sense And Sensibility: Effects of Cognitive And Affective Thinking on Product Value Judgment Chung-Hsing Chi, Yung-Cheng Shen
8 企業形象、服務補救期望與補救滿意度關係之研究 鄭紹成、陳鉦達
A Study of Corporate Image, Service Recovery Expectation And Service Recovery Satisfaction Shao-Cheng Cheng, Cheng-Ta Chen