Volume 7, Number 2, 2009

NO. 文章 作者
1 The Assessment of Financial Performance with Intellectual Capital Perspective in Taiwan IC Design Industry Cheng-Wen Lee, Tsu-Hua Li
2 The Influences of Social Support on Extra-role Customer Service Behavior Mei-Ling Wang
3 The Intuitionistic Fuzzy Scaling Model of Store ImageApplications of Evaluation Functions and Score Functions Ting-Yu Chen, Sheng-Fen Huang
4 The Application of Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process on Service Quality and Perceived Value of Promotion Evaluation of Chain Drugstore Wen Pei, Hsiao-Hui Huang
5 A Study on Relations between Taiwan Semiconductor Industries in Each Pre- and Post- Period of the Internet Bubble Crash: Stock Price and Volatility Transmissions Ting-Huan Chang, Hsin-Hong Chou
6 Elucidating the Relationship between Peer Mentoring and Learning Effectiveness for Undergraduates Melien Wu, Shu-Lien Wen, Chun-Chun Lu