Volume 6, Number 2, 2008

NO. Title Author(s)
1 A Study on Information Contents of Stock Repurchase Bloomed to held for Electronic Stocks during Presidential Election Time Yensen NI, Henyih Wang, Manhwa Wu
2 The Impact of Taiwanese Investments in China on Parent Operations-A Strategic Orientation Approach Wei-Li Wu, Ryh-Song Yeh
3 Applying Fuzzy Multi-Criteria Decision-Making Method to Evaluate the Key Capabilities of an ASP Company Hsi Tien Chen, Grace Feng, WangYu Chin Chen
4 A Study of Stock Index Futures and Options Expiration Day Effects-Empirical Evidences from Taiwan Stock Market Keng- Hsin Lo, Kehluh Wang, Shiaw-En Ju, Zhen-Hsiang Shin
5 Customer Participation in the Service Production and Delivery Process-The Perspective Service Providers’ Workload Yen, C. H., Lin, Y. Y., Hsieh, T. H., Hung, L. M
6 Project Specificity, Social Embeddedness and External Control Mechanisms Shih Kuan Chiu